17 Sep 14

Upcoming Events & Dates in Philly!

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Can I get a hell yeah!? So good to be playing in the home arena, good ole Philly. I might even drop into DC for a short stint, more details to come, but here’s a quick rundown of where to find your favorite ninja! #feelingit



The magic is back. And back at its original location. Dance and play under the stars as art meets awesome. Amazing music line-up, art installations, projection art, fire performers, performance volunteers, aerialists, participatory engagements, cash bars, food trucks, and much more.

Magic Garden Party 3
The Fumiously Beamished Deets

Tickets Here: http://bit.ly/1pJ4jOa
One Art Center • 1431-39 N 52nd St • Philly • 9pm – 4am
21+ (enforced)


10/4 - Sparkly as F*CK! : An Authentic German Sparkle Party presented by Bangarang  & Garden of Heathens

Have you ever been to a German Sparkle Party?? Well NOW IS THE TIME! DJ Lineup & Art Installations to come…. 

Trilogy Nightclub & Hookah Lounge
601 Spring Garden St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19123

Mandatory music video viewing! Prepare yourselves …..

16 Sep 14

NEW Live MIX up! A Spa Disco Party

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Catching up with the eastcoast grind and have exciting updates! But fiiiiirst, here’s a little *magic* from my westward travels at the The JunXion and Sweaty Betty’s: A Spa Disco.

An afternoon filled with pampering and rejuvenation - cooling down in the misting tent.. a sensual foot rub and cleaning, massages and hair washes all in the 715/E neighborhood at Burning Man’s Caravansary.

Will post track list asap! Thanks for listening <3

11 Aug 14

Teknacolor Ninja - DJ Playa Schedule

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To the Caravansary!!! Awwww yeah! So stoked on playing out at playa - trying to get my adventure on earlier in the week, but here’s where you’ll find me Thurs+Fri+Sat ! Check back as times are still evolving… ♥ I will be camping at Barbie Death Camp and Village 6:30 and E/G, so come chill ‘n have some wine, play our piano and ride our art cars *^_^*! ( DJ Playa Facebook Event here!

[[◊PRE BURN◊]]

8/23 @ Fuzzy Nights in Caspar, CA — a fun fur themed party. UV activated and playa attire encouraged! 


THURS : 10am-11:30am @ Raised By Wolves (8:45 & D)
THURS : 3pm -4pm @ The JunXion and Sweaty Betty’s Present: A Spa Disco (7:15 & E)https://www.facebook.com/events/335048649986683/

FRI: 6pm-9pm @ Gender Blender - The Gayborhood Party!  (7:15 & E)
FRI/SAT: 12am-1am @ Steampunk Saloon/Pedalbump (5 & Esplanade) 

SAT/SUN : 1am-2am @ Brûlée Out (7:45 & Esplanade)
SAT/SUN : 3am-4:30am @ The Blackbird Bus (Art Car/Open Playa)


9/2 @ Sands Regency for H2Oasis 2014:  Post Playa Pool Parties & Room Discounts

Find me Via Facebook: http://burnermap.com/welcome.php


Sharing lineups with  Selector Science (preburn),  IllexxandraAmanda BeatKittyJ KanizzleCoyotiTim TheEnchanter Schumacher2meloMichael Dignum (Diggs), Mad-Dog Madiganwhiteowljaguar….♥!